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The Club shall be run by a Committee comprising three officers and six other committee members.  Two posts shall be appointed by the Directors and the remainder shall be elected annually.  The officers shall be:

  • Chairman 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer 
  • Six ordinary members – elected annually
  • Either one of the officers or one of the ordinary members shall be the Paddlesport Development Officer

In addition, the Committee has the power to co-opt additional voting members as required and subject to the agreement of the Directors.

Committee members or those taking on duties of the Committee shall be shown where Club policies can be found on the website and have their responsibilities explained to them by a Director. By accepting the role the member confirms their understanding and awareness of the Club’s policies.

Ordinary Members 

The ordinary committee members (elected and co-opted) are expected to take on one or more duties in order to assist in the smooth running of the Club.  The Committee has the power to decide how the duties described below shall be allocated.

Election and Term 

All club members shall be eligible to be proposed for the Committee. The Committee, except the membrs appointed by the Directors, shall be elected at the AGM by a show of hands and will serve until the next AGM.

Persons who have served continuously on the Committee as officers or members for five years may only stand for election if there are no other nominations for that post.

Committee Meetings

Frequency of Meetings 

The Committee will meet as required but at least once a quarter.


A quorum shall consist of not less than 51% of the voting Committee members including at least one Director.  For a committee of 9 members, the quorum shall be 5 people. If a Committee meeting is inquorate any decisions taken shall be ratified by the next quorate Committee meeting.


Each committee member shall have one vote.  Matters shall be decided by majority vote.

When advised by a Director that a matter requires a decision by the Directors, any proposal by the Committee on such matters shall be referred to the Directors.


In the case of a vacancy among the Committee occurring during the year the Directors shall appoint another eligible member to act until the next AGM.  If possible the Directors should try to fill any vacancy within 3 months.

Dismissal of Officers and Committee Members

A Committee member may be dismissed by the unanimous vote of all the other Committee members on grounds of either breach of the Articles or Association, breach of policy or direction from the Directors or for some other serious reason, not consistent with remaining in office.  Any dismissal shall be ratified by the Directors.  Notice shall be given in writing.  An explanation shall be given to all Club members without delay and to the next General Meeting.  

Any member so dismissed may appeal to the Directors.