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Club Officers

The Chairman 

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Committee.  A Director shall act as Chairman if the Chairman or the vice-chairman is unable to attend any Committee meeting.  The Chairman is responsible for guiding the Club in accordance with the rules and general policy as set out in the Articles of Association, set out in policy by the Directors and as expressed by the majority of the members.  The Chairman shall represent the Club at meetings of other organisations or may appoint a deputy.


Optionally a vice-chairman may be appointed by the Directors or elected at the AGM.  If there is a vice chairman there will be one fewer ordinary members.  The role of the vice-chairman is to assist the chairman with the execution of his or her duties and to stand in for the chairman in his or her absence. 

The Secretary 

The Secretary shall be responsible for the general running of the Club.  He will act as the focal point for dissemination of information on Club activities.  She shall be responsible for the organisation of all meetings of the Club and Committee.  He will keep such notes of all meetings as deemed necessary by the Directors.  Notes of General Meetings shall be kept indefinitely whilst notes of other meetings shall be kept for at least 7 years.

The Secretary shall ensure that an up to date copy of the Club’s Articles of Association and Policies are available via the Club’s website (either posted in full or available on request to members).  

The Secretary shall keep an up to date copy of the Club’s risk assessment and shall make a copy available to Club members on request.  

The Secretary shall lay before the AGM a statement of the insurance cover currently maintained by the Club.  The Secretary shall inform the AGM whether the Club’s risk assessment is current and when the next routine review is due.

The Secretary shall maintain a list of the duties taken on by each Committee member and shall publicise the duties of Committee members in the Club media (for example website or newsletter).  The Secretary may take on other duties if desired.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all monies and shall keep such books of account as required by the Directors.  The Treasurer shall make the accounts available for audit when required and shall produce at the AGM a balance sheet showing the financial state of the Club.

The Treasurer, in conjunction with the Committee, is responsible for deciding if any monies should be advanced to trip organisers and if, and to what level, trip finances should be underwritten. 

The Treasurer shall make the Committee aware of any existing or potential future financial or cash flow problems that could reasonably be foreseen.

The Treasurer shall ensure that an inventory of Club equipment is available for inspection at the AGM.

The Treasurer may take on other duties if desired.

Paddlesport Development Officer 

The Paddlesport Development Officer shall be responsible for developing the Club's paddlesport activities.

The Paddlesport Development Officer shall arrange and administer a programme of training courses for Club members. These shall include, but not be limited to water based and dry coaching courses and associated activities, developing a pool programme and be responsible for providing opportunities for qualified coaches with in the club to maintain their competency.

The Paddlesport Development Officer shall liaise with the Programme Co-ordinator and shall provide details of courses for inclusion in the Club’s media. 

The Paddlesport Development Officer should ideally hold as a minimum BCU Level 3 Coach Award (awarded prior to or in 2007) or BCU Level 2 Coach Award with Moderate Water Endorsement (if awarded after 2007).

Safety Officer

Paddlesport is an accepted risk activity and the role of the Safety Officer is not to eliminate that risk nor is it to prevent all accidents.

The Safety Officer shall be appointed by the Directors. The Safety Officer shall have the necessary experience and ability to define the safety policy of the Club and advise the Committee on the safety of the Club’s activities, in particular water-based activities. The Safety Officer may appoint assistants to advise on aspects of paddlesport that fall outside her experience.

The Safety Officer shall report directly to the Directors.  The Committee shall not disregard the views of the Safety Officer without good reason.

The Safety Officer shall review, or appoint another suitably competent person to review, the Club’s risk assessment and Paddlers Competency Matrix at least once each year and report to the Secretary if any sections require amendment or addition.  

The Safety Officer shall, if asked, advise the Committee on the suitability of individuals to lead water-based activities.  The Safety Officer shall consult other experienced paddlers who are established members of and regular paddlers with the Club before giving such recommendations.

The Safety Officer shall review the safety of the Club’s premises at Colt Hill annually and advise the Directors of any actions or changes in operating procedure that are required.