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Committee Duties

Reporting to the Committee 

The Committee shall appoint Committee members or other Club members to perform the Committee duties.  Persons undertaking Committee duties shall report to the Committee.  If the duty holder is not a Committee member then he shall report via the Secretary or Treasurer or may be co-opted as appropriate.

Equipment Officer 

Whilst the Equipment Officer will have overall supervision of the Club’s equipment it is expected that they will be assisted in their duties by:

  • Boat store key holders – log out and back in equipment that is used, recording any defects or excessive wear, collecting monies;
  • Coaches and river leaders - log out and back in equipment that is used, recording any defects or excessive wear, collecting monies, identify requirements for replacement or extending the fleet.

The Equipment Officer shall produce an inventory of Club equipment for the Treasurer at the end of each financial year.

The Equipment Officer shall monitor the state of the Club’s equipment to maintain it in a good state of repair, including:

  • Maintain a fault log book in the boat store to be completed by coaches, river leaders, key holders or other users who notice any defects or excessive wear.
  • Maintain a supply of fault tags at the boat store that can be clipped to faulty equipment: equipment so tagged shall be assessed by the paddler in charge of any session before it is used.
  • A budget shall be agreed with the Treasurer each year for minor replacements and repairs.  If a greater sum is required the Equipment Officer shall liaise with the Treasurer and Chairman.
  • The Equipment Officer will liaise with senior users at least once each year to review the Club’s equipment and advise the Committee if any proactive replacement or expansion is required.

The Equipment Officer shall monitor borrowing of Club kit.  A procedure for borrowing and returning equipment is set out at

Diary Coordinator 

Under normal circumstances the Secretary shall hold the Club's diary. The Club's diary shall include events (canoeing, coaching,social and fund-raising).  The Diary Coordinator shall liaise as necessary to publish the diary in the Club’s media.

(NB The Diary Coordinator is not responsible for organising events.)

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary shall maintain such details of Club members as the Committee require.  As a minimum this shall include the name and address of all Club members (both temporary and permanent). The Membership Secretary shall maintain a list of current coaching qualifications of members, together with evidence of the qualifications (a photocopy of current BCU membership cards and current first aid certificate).  This list shall be made available to the Secretary, Paddle Sport Development Officer and Safety Officer on request.

Welfare Officer 

The Committee shall appoint one or two Welfare Officers, ideally one male and one female.  They shall be available to give advice to any member of the Club on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

The Committee shall ensure that the persons appointed as Welfare Officers receive training and are registered with British Canoeing as the Club’s Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officers shall ensure that a current enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure is obtained for members in accordance with the Club’s Safeguarding Policy.

Junior Co-ordinator 

The Committee shall appoint a Junior Co-ordinator who shall liaise with the local Canoe England Paddlesport Development Officer and the Canoe England Youth Programme.

Colt Hill Clubhouse Facility Manager

This role will be needed as the Clubhouse is fitted out.