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Opening and Closing

On arrival the gates to the car park and to the wharf should be unlocked so they can be used for evacuation in the event of a fire.  All gates shall be left closed except when in use.  If the clubroom and changing rooms are to be used the shutters on the fire doors (main entrance door and fire door in the clubroom) should be raised.  

The person in charge of the session should complete the user sheet.  By signing the sheet the responsible person confirms the group will:

  • Follow the users code of conduct
  • Comply with the normal operation procedures
  • Are aware of the emergency operating procedures
  • Will leave the Clubhouse tidy, clean and secured.

Testing of the fire/smoke alarms is recorded in the sign in sheet.  If the alarms have not been tested in the last week, the person in charge should test the alarms prior to use and record that in the sign in sheet.

On departure the person in charge shall ensure:

  • The Clubhouse is left clean and tidy
  • All lights are turned off
  • Any electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged if appropriate
  • The clubhouse is left tidy and clean
  • All doors and shutters are closed and locked
  • The gates are closed and locked.