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Major Accident or Fatality

Immediate Actions

In the first instance applying appropriate first aid and calling the emergency services shall take priority. Members at the scene of the incident shall co-operate with the emergency services but shall not comment or give interviews or statements to the media.


Any accident or fatality should be reported to the Club home contact and to BCU/ British Canoeing as soon as practicable. The BCU Director of Coaching or their nominated delegate may then make their own enquiries to the emergency services and other relevant groups to establish the known facts.  Any member who witnesses an incident is advised to make a record of their recollection of events as soon as possible after the event.

Comment to the Media

At all stages it is vital that all club members and officials (other than those authorised by the BCU/ British Canoeing) refrain from comment and from giving interviews and statements to the media and press. Only those who are fully informed and briefed should be placed in a position to give or make statements and comment. Uninformed comment can be both harmful and damaging to the image of the sport and the Club. Misguided impulse gestures, whilst they may be done for the best possible reasons, can cause distress and hurt to the injured victims and their families. All should be aware that it is very difficult when being pressured to undertake an interview, not to make a statement or comment that could be erroneous or damaging.