Friday 8th August

Progress to 08 Aug 2014Steady progress has been made with construction through July with the building rising out of the ground.

Steel frame

Most of the steel frame has been erected with only hip rafters that need to bear on the external walls outstanding.  These have made the shape and height of the building more apparent particularly now the timberwork for the roof has started.


The floor joists and flooring over the changing rooms are about 50% complete and the roof timber frame has been started.  The remainder of the ceiling over the central changing and lobby area and the lower level roof rafters will bear on the external walls so have not yet started.

Brickwork and blockwork

Facing bricksThe external cavity wall is now typically erected to about 2/3 height. The buff bricks with red brick band courses looks in keeping with the area.  This needs to be taken to full height to provide a bearing for the lower sections of roof timbers.

Internally the load-bearing wall between the changing rooms has been built up to first floor level.  The internal partition walls that are not load-bearing have not yet been started.


The electricity meter cabinet has now been built into the wall and the water supply brought into the shell.

Roof framing over clubroom