Whilst it would be great to reap all the benefits of a clubhouse as soon as possible the reality is that construction may need to be phased to match available funding.

Enabling Works

The first stage, which has been largely completed in 2011, will be enabling works:

  • New access and gates (required by planning condition to be in place before the main construction)
  • Removal od the hedge between the Club's land and the Canal towpath and replacement with a fence (necessary to avoid the bird nesting season)

Phase 1 - Secure, Watertight Shell - constructed in 2014

The minimum construction is the shell of the building. This needs has been completed to a stage where it is secure and watertight and includes basic service connections (water and electricity).

This stage will deliver the following benefits:

  • Secure storage adjacent to the Basingstoke Canal
  • Improved changing provision (compared with the current practice of changing in the public car park)

Phase 2 - Accessibility

A key element of the clubhouse is access and the disabled toilet/changing room. Phase 2 will include the car park, footpaths, disabled changing room and toilet, sewage disposal and heating.

This stage will deliver the following benefits:

  • One toilet, so it becomes practical to use the site for more than an hour or two at a time
  • One shower
  • Car parking and access

Phase 3 - Clubroom

The clubroom will increase the variety of space that are functional in the Clubhouse.  The clubroom will be essential for off the water coaching and social activities including first aid training, meetings and coach development.  Fitting out will include provision of electrical power and lighting, wall finishes and floor finishes.

This stage will deliver the following benefits:

  • A small clssroom size room for meetings and training

Phase 4 - Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are an essentail part of the clubhouse and fitting out the main changing rooms will provide changing space for 21 peoples in three rooms, four showers and four toilets.

Phase 5 - Kitchen

The final phase will be the fitting out of the kitchen.