This award provides the additional skills and knowledge necessary for providing safety cover and rescue skills during a canoeing session in a swimming pool. We ran our last more training and an assessment in January 2016 in the swimming pool at QMC.

For a copy of the syllabus - click here


The course will include:

  • Pool operating procedure
  • Safety procedures
  • First aid refresher
  • Safe entry and exit
  • Towing casualties
  • Releases
  • Recovering casualties from the pool
  • Recovering unconscious casualties from the bottom of the pool



  • Hold the BCU Canoeing Safety Test or Foundation Safety and Rescue Training
  • Hold a first aid certificate, minimum 8 hours contact time
  • Be able to swim 50 metres
  • Be at least 16 years of age

Cost: training and registration fees (estimated to be about £30 per person in total) will be paid by the Club providing you commit to assisting with lifeguarding duties at the QMC pool sessions.

Dates: The next training and assessment sessions will start in January 2016.

Venue: QMC Pool 

For more information or to reserve a place contact Janella Mansell on 01256 780334