In 2017 the Club will celebrate its 30th Anniversary.  To mark that event and to realise some personal ambitions a few of us are planning a trip to the Pacific coast of Canada in 2017 or more likely 2018.  This is a follow up to our successful expedition to the Discovery Islands in 2013 and will probably aim to paddle Haida Gwai (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands).

For both safety and environmental reasons the group will be limited in size.  Paddlers who wish to take part will be expected to be competent sea kayakers, with experience in a range of challenging conditions and ability to perform rescues if needed.  Previous experience of camping from a sea kayak will also be a pre-requisite.

At this stage we have not decided how long to spend in Canada, but a minimum of three weeks, and we have not even thought about the cost.  However, if you might be interested in joining us, please speak to Janella or Peter.