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Safety and Security

Whilst the Clubhouse is in use the fire exit doors shall remain unlocked and the gates to the car park and wharf shall remain unlocked.  All gates shall remain closed except whilst in use.

The main entrance lobby is the primary fire exit from the clubroom and changing rooms.  It shall be kept clear and only official notices shall be posted on the noticeboard in the lobby.

The main shutter to the boat store shall only be opened if there is a responsible person in attendance.  The shutter shall be closed and secured if the boat store is unattended.  The pass door to the boat store shall be kept closed when not in use and if the boat store and car park are unattended it shall be locked.

The person in charge shall appoint stewards to be responsible for the safety and security of users.  There shall be at least one steward for each 12 users.  Stewards shall:

  • Ensure the building is fully vacated in the event of a fire or other evacuation;
  • Administer first aid if necessary;
  • Maintain good order and compliance with codes of conduct.