Southern Electric teamWe have been fortunate to receive support from Southern Electric through their "Community Support" programme.

The Southern Electric community support programme encourages their staff to undertake one day of voluntary work each year to support the local community. With help from Colin King, BADCC has been selected to receive some of that help. 

Concrete Bases

BasesWhere the various barns and outbuildings have been taken down, concrete bases have been left behind.  These have all been excavated and the concrete broken up for use as hardcore.  The biggest surprise was to find a layer of glass bottles under each slab. We now have a pile of bottles to be taken for recycling and a pile of hardcore.

Fence Repairs

Repaired timber fenceWe had already started to repair the existing post and wire fence between the eastern end of the Club's land and the canal tow path. Erection of new posts has been completed so the Club can fix new stock proof wire netting.

Fence Removal

The fence between the Club's land and the laid hedge adjacent to the car park has only been held up by a combination of luck and temporary props for the last two or three years. This section has now been removed to make way for a new wire mesh fence. The old fence has been taken apart and sorted for disposal.

Entrance Earthworks

The land just inside the new entrance has been graded back to improve access.