Saturday 12th January

Peter lining up the fenceWith a forecast of rain or possibly snow the prospects of erecting two fence posts and installing two panels did not appear great.  At 9am the wharf was cold and overcast but not quite raining.

The clay was great for digging the post holes: not too hard to dig nor too sloppy.  The post auger cut the clay nicely once we were too deep for spades.  Two holes for two posts was sufficient to take us to the corner where the boundary turns to run parallel to the path from the public car park rather than square to the canal.

After a little fiddling to get both the posts and fence panels set out Peter By the new fence postsin line with the gate it was time for concrete: two and a half barrow loads secured the posts.

Rearranging the temporary fencing to tie in with the new panels means the pedestrian gate to the Wharf in now useable and the permanent fence looks much better than the harsh grey of the galvanized temporary fence.

A good job well done! Thanks to John, Peter and Rusty.