Thursday 22nd August

With the prospect of getting a contractor on site to construct the Clubhouse approaching it has become more important to make the site fit to occupy.  In particular to remove the stockpiles of surplus soil and to extend the hardstanding through the main gates into the fenced compound.

The aims of the day were really quite simple:

  • To remove the heap of surplus soil,
  • To excavate inside the double vehicular gates so the hard standing can be extended,
  • To complete the hand excavation within the root zone of the ash tree by the wharf. 

With four 20 ton ro-ro skips to fill during the day we started by attacking the stockpiled soil.  Where it has been excavated before this is quick to move and we soon had two skips filled.

Hand excavation at the west end of the site was an altogether different matter.  The clay there had dried and hardened over the summer making any progress difficult.

Nevertheless we persevered and by the end of the day the area within the root zone had been trimmed down to the same level as the canal bank and wharf.  The surplus soil disposed to the skips.

Last but not least we had to excavate inside the main entrance so we can extend the hard standing.  Again the clay had dried and hardened over the summer making excavation difficult.  Not for the first time we were glad that we had a 3t minidigger: this size seems considerably more powerful than the 1.5t diggers we have used in the passed.

Thanks to all who gave up a midweek day to help: Colin, George, Hilary, John, Michael, Peter and Stuart.