Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th March

This is the first time we have had a multi-day work party.  On Thursday and Friday we benefited from the use of a digger and dumper: on Saturday it was just manual graft.

Digger Works

Levelling the triangle of land between the Clubhouse and the towpath was the primary job: this was considered to be essential prior to the open so we could establish reasonable pedestrian access to the gates adjacent to the wharf.

The next priority was levelling between the main entrance door and the towpath and excavating for the foundations of the path to the front door.  In total 5 loads for an 8-wheeler grab lorry were excavated and removed: about a half load remains stockpiled.

Paved Access

In parallel with the excavation we took delivery of another 20 tonnes of Type 1 sub-base (crushed limestone). Initially this was used to create the hardstanding in front of the french windows and the foundations for the path to the front door.  However we also used the excavator and dumper to move about half the load down to the east end of the site so the hardstanding there (the base of the car park) could be extended another 4 metres towards the clubhouse.


On Saturday were created a temporary gravel path to the wharf gate and started to palce topsoil.