Purchase of the land at Colt Hill and development of the clubhouse to the current stage represents a significant investment of time and money for the Club.  To date the total investment is estimated to have a a cash equivalent of £410,000.

Land Purchase and Initial Proposals

The initial purchase value of the land was £10,000. However this stage also includes professional fees, development of initial proposals and on-going maintenance to give a total estimated cost of £16,000 plus perhaps 2,000 man hours of volunteer time.

Phase 1 - To Planning Application

The costs for this stage were £11,000 plus a volunteer input of about 1,500 man hours. Costs at this stage included professional fees for architects and ecologists together with the planning application fee for the local authority.

Phase 2 - To Tender (Construction) Documents

The costs for this stage are £19,500 including professional fees for the architect, structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineer, quantity surveyor and CDM coordinator, more legal fees, discharge consent application fee, building regulations approval fee and planning condition discharge fees. To this should be added another 1,500 man hours of volunteer time.

Phase 3 - Enabling Works

The value of enabling works to March 2014 is about £35,000 plus a volunteer input of about 1,000 man hours. The enabling works undertaken since the planning conditions were discharged has included volunteer time, donated time and purchase of materials related to demolition, excavation and disposal to reduce ground levels, a new vehicular access and a new permanent welded mesh steel fence.

Phase 4 - Shell Construction (Phase 1)

The value of the first stage of construction including services connections and professional fees is estimated to be about £266,000.

Phase 5 - Landscaping

The Club has undertaken landscaping works around the building following handover.  The cost to March 2015 is estimated to be about £3,000 plus a volunteer input of about 300 man hours. 

Total to March 2015

If volunteer hours are valued at £8/hour the total investment to date has a cash equivalent of £410,000.