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We are very fortunate to have three members of the Club who are key driving forces behind the more technical side of the development project.

Peter Mansell is the project team leader. He is a chartered civil engineer and very much at home with this kind of work. While his work will not allow him to be professionally engaged, the club knows that with him as team leader the project will not go adrift.  He is also brings a users perspective to the project as a BCU kayak coach.  Peter has been central to work to gain Canoe England "Top Club" accreditation.

Alan MacDonald is our Club chairman. As he is an explosives chemist we hope we do not need to call on his core professional skills!  Alan has also provided key input to the recent update of the Club's health and safety risk assessment, which is one of the important building blocks for gaining "Top Club". As the Club chairman he also keeps the development on track to what the Club has approved.

John Herring was the prime mover behind rekindling interest in a club house. At work merely an IT network security professional, John tries to convert the professional architect, developer and civil engineer speak into something that everyone in the Club will understand. John has provided the contact with the BCU/ Canoe England and played an active role in our work towards "Top Club".

Our Treasurer, is not a formal member of the Colt Hill team but has attended a few of our meetings and has provided a great deal of support particularly with the fund raising as each application needs the latest audited accounts, bank statements on so on.

Martin Booth was the other origanal member fo the team until his untimely death in 2009.  He was our liaison with the architects and planners and provided continuity with the scheme developed around 2000 in partnership with the Basingstoke Canal Authority. This was very much like his day job as the head of co-ordination of the civil estate and a chartered surveyor. When someone said you need to prepare for RIBA stage E he knew what that meant and what needed to be done. Martin's death was a great loss: we are grateful that donations to the Martin Booth Memorial Fund will help to keep his memory alive and to fund the Clubhouse project.

We are pleased to supported by professional advisors including:

S&P Architects (Architects)

Myles J Byrne Associates (Structural Engineers & CDM Coordinator)

Salus (Approved Inspectors)

Mansell Consulting (Chartered Quantity Surveyors)

ENiMS (Ecologists)

Lamb Brooks (Solicitors)