This is going to depend on whether you are new to paddling or are an experienced paddler.


At this level the Club can provide all the paddling equipment you need (boat, paddle, buoyancy aid and spraydeck) but you will need to bring appropriate clothing (swimming costume and possibly a t-shirt for the swimming pool; t-shirt, possibly a fleece pullover, shorts and possibly tracksuits bottoms for the canal).  Also please remember to bring a towel (and dry clothes?) - you will certainly need them for the pool and possibly after the canal.

Sessions at QMC pool include use of equipment.

When we meet at the canal there is no charge for paddling but you do need to pay for any equipment that you borrow.

Experienced Paddler

Sessions at QMC pool include use of equipment, but if you want to use your own equipment that is fine proving it is clean before you bring it to the pool.

For outdoor sessions, at the canal, on the coast or away for a weekend, the Club has a range of more specialist kayaks and canoe that are available to borrow, either if you wish to try a new discipline or if you still do not have a full set of paddling kit.