CatkinsHazels can be found around the north-west corner of the site adjacent to the footpath from the car park to the canal. These have been coppiced in the past and have multiple stems. Watch out for catkins in the early spring and hazelnuts in the autumn.

There are a few primroses in the wild flower meadow, but they are more plentiful in the verge by the entrance from London Road.  Large clumps can be seen spreading towards the bypass.

Red KiteThe spur to starting to write these articles was seeing a red kite wheeling over the canal on Thursday 29th December 2011. This is the first time that I have seen a red kite over Colt Hill.

RobinThe robin is a regular visitor to the site at Colt Hill and has been particularly noticeable whilst whilst digging around undertaking preparatory works for fencing and hedging in 2011.

Teasels are biennials growing up to 2m tall.  The form distinctive prickly seed heads which last through the winter.  All parts of the plant are covered in prickles.

Teasel can be found on the sloping banks in the wild flower meadow.

TenchTench can occasionally be seen if you are lucky enough to pass an angler as he or she is landing one.

Violets can be found in the meadow where they flower in April and into May.