Saturday 27th October

Hardstanding progressWhat better way to spend a bright, dry chilly Saturday morning than moving stone? 

Another strip of geogrid was laid on the ground trimmed three weeks ago.  We then spread the final five bags of scalpings.

The area of hardstanding now extends 7 metres from the east end of the fenced compound and starts to give a feel for how the car park will eventually be.

After lunch we turned our attention to the hedge between our land and the towpath. We are expecting another delivery of saplings shortly so it was a good opportunity to cut back the nettles and undergrowth, remove some remnants of the old timber and wire fence and generally prepare for planting in a few weeks time.

The meadow mix sown in the landscape area area in September appears to be germinating well, so we can hope for another good display of cornfield annual next summer.  With luck we will gradually see perennial wild flowers appearing in the meadow sown last year.

Thanks to Colin, Tim, Sharon and Peter for their hard work.