Sunday 6th July

In the last six weeks the Clubhouse has started to rise out of the ground.

Friday 23rd May

It is now two months since AJR Renovations Ltd were appointed to construct the shell of the clubhouse at Colt Hill and we are seeing visible progress.  In parallel with the physical works we have been working with our professional advisors to ensure all the correct paper work is in place.

Saturday 5th April

Rusty and Peter finish the section of fencing around the east end of the wild flower meadow.

Saturday 22nd March

Three hours this morning were spent finishing the drop bolt holes and a planting out the remainder of the hedging saplings for this winter. The site is now ready for for handing over to a contractor to start construction of the clubhouse.

Monday 17th March

AJR Renovations Ltd have been appointed to construct the shell of the clubhouse.

Saturday 15th March

Colin, John and Peter spent the morning excavating and installing steel tubes as receptors for the drop bolts on the gates.  We also found time to erect a short section of timber fence to protect hedging plants.