Saturday 9th March

RubbishThis morning's work party started by collecting up all the hedge trimmings etc created by clearing space for hedge planting this season.  After an hour  Colin and I had assembled the pile shown in the photo on the left.

Saturday 23rd February

Hedge near gateAt last some drier weather so working on the Club's land is feasible once more.  The task for today was to make progress planting saplings to complete the hedge around the boundary and fill odd gaps where saplings planted last year had failed.

Saturday 12th January

Peter lining up the fenceWith a forecast of rain or possibly snow the prospects of erecting two fence posts and installing two panels did not appear great.  At 9am the wharf was cold and overcast but not quite raining.

December 2012

It is a year since the previous summary article on the construction blog and time to consider our achievements in 2012.

Monday 10th December

Over the last six months of more all the subsoil generated by volunteer work on the site has been stckpiled on site.  Today we had a push to tidy the site and remove unwanted subsoil from the site.

Saturday 10th November

With a minidigger until midday it was another 8am start this week. Before we extend the gravel surfacing inside the main gates we need to lay a drain across from one side of the gates to the other.