Saturday 22nd February

Today is the day that we resolved to finish moving all the heaps so the site is clean and tidy, ready to hand over to a contractor to build the clubhouse.

Saturday 25th January

The winter weather continues to be better for paddling than working on the land at Colt Hill; so another Saturday morning starts with an hours of pumping to remove the lake.

Sunday 5th January

The morning of Sunday offered a brief gap in the rain that seems to have been falling continually since before Christmas.  James and I used 3 hours of dry weather to do some surveying to check work undertaken to date and to set out four posts to mark the corners of the clubhouse.  Meanwhile Colin did some maintenance in the wild flower meadow - a final cut of the grass before spring.

December 2013

The winter weather and our works at the entrance have combined to create our own lake in which to reflect.

This is the third year of works at Colt Hill and at the end of each we have paused to reflect on our progress.

Saturday 14th December

With the main works to the entrance completed our attention today turned to the details.  In particular to constructing drawpits at each end of the ducts under the entrance such that the remaining holes can be filled.

Saturday 23rd November

Drain the pit, finish placing hardcore, finish placing and compacting crush stone and how much of the hardcore was left?